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Get Cash For Junk Cars In Albuquerque NM

Cash For Junk Cars Albuquerque NM

The Junk Car Boys represent the old fashioned way of doing business. The company is ran by three brothers that understand the importance of a business that serves. The only reason that the company exists is because of its loyal customers. If the customers stopped coming…then the company would dry up and no longer exist. So the number one priority of JCB is to take care of its customers. A lot of companies today have forgotten about their customers, and no longer appreciate them. JCB starts with customer service… and the boys know that as long as they take care of the customer first…then profit will come through the door second.

The Junk Car Boys come from humble beginnings. The boys were raised in a family that didn’t have the luxury of driving around reliable automobiles. So they are very familiar with the problems of having a vehicle that just isn’t worth fixing. Its tough being in that situation, and every dollar helps. That’s why JCB exists today. Even if you can cash out of that junk…it is so much better than nothing at all. (Worse is paying someone to remove it, or it getting towed and then you owe someone to get it out).

The company was founded by the middle brother Joel, and shortly after was joined by the youngest brother Andrew. After great success took place, then the eldest brother was laid off from his job and decided to join the boys on their crazy adventure. Since then the company has continued to grow at an amazing rate. The customers are showing their support by spreading the word about the Junk Car Boys. Word of mouth is spreading, and the boys couldn’t be more excited.

JCB appreciates all comments. They love to hear from the public about the job their doing. They also invite criticism as well…because without criticism…how can they get better? They must know the problems in order to fix them. That is the Junk Car Boy way.


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